Dreams come true at RHWC for Valerie and Sergio

After multiple ectopic pregnancies and with no biological children, Valerie and Sergio took matters into their own hands.  With so much love to give but no kids to share it with, they turned to the foster care system where they were able to foster children. Those experiences were cherished ones but they still had dreams of being parents to their own biological child.

Because of the history of the ectopic pregnancies, they knew they needed IVF.  They ended up doing a single IVF cycle at a different center and unfortunately had 3 separate and unsuccessful embryo transfers.

It took some time for them to build up enough courage to even think about trying again.  Finally, Valerie and Sergio scheduled a virtual consult with Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz, an infertility doctor at Reproductive Health and Wellness Center. Together they formed a plan to ensure their best chances of success.  They completed a single IVF cycle which resulted in 2 euploid embryos.  They reevaluated her fallopian tubes and she had the surgery that was necessary to move forward with an embryo transfer.  They did specialized testing on her uterine lining.   And finally, they had their embryo transfer — one successful frozen embryo transfer cycle with one euploid embryo.

Blaize, a healthy baby boy, was recently born on 11/2/2021.  Thank you Valerie and Sergio for putting your trust and faith in all of us at RHWC.  We couldn’t be happier for you and your family.

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