Having a Baby with No Male Partner

February Patient Of The Month

Jessie knew she wanted a child, but at 38 years old and without a male partner, she wasn’t sure where to start.  She came to Dr. Rosencrantz in February 2020 interested in learning more about her fertility options.  Because she had never tried to get pregnant before, they discussed the process of donor sperm intrauterine inseminations (IUI) together.  They also discussed doing a small amount of fertility testing before purchasing any sperm.  And finally, due to her age, they agreed to be a little bit more aggressive and use very mild ovarian hyperstimulation.  Jessie met with the team at RHWC to discuss the tests she would need and the coordinators reviewed the different sperm bank options with her.

After purchasing sperm and finishing the recommended testing, she underwent 2 cycles of IUI, both with clomid (clomiphene).   On the second cycle, she responded by growing two eggs and when they were ready, she took hCG to trigger her ovulation.  36 hours later she was back for a single IUI and her pregnancy was born.  

Beautiful Michael was born in 2021 and everyone is well and thriving. 

Cheers to you both! 

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