Is Monk Fruit Safe For Fertility Treatments?

Fertility Friend or Foe? Do Monk Fruit Sweeteners Affect Fertility Health?

Trying to formulate the perfect fertility friendly diet can be a bit confusing. Unless you’re working with a dedicated Fertility Nutrition Counselor, figuring out the right balance of fertility boosting ingredients while also getting to keep enjoying the meals you love is tricky.

With all the new fad ingredients out there, it’s even harder to know which ones may help you get pregnant faster, and which ones may hurt your chances of conceiving with infertility.

Now, a new sugar alternative is gaining steam in the foodie world. Monk fruit sweetener is becoming all the rage as a new replacement for high sugar products.

But what is this new sugar alternative? And is it good for fertility health? How do you know which foods to avoid during fertility treatment, and which foods you should add to your fertility shopping list?

What is Monk Fruit?

Monk Fruit finds its origins in the southern region of China. It’s extract is a no-calorie sweetener that is thought to help reduce the amount of added sugars in one’s daily diet.

Monk Fruit sweeteners have a much higher intensity than regular sugar, and are about 150-200 times sweeter than other sweetening agents. This means only a tiny amount is needed to achieve the same results you would get with cane sugar.  Monk fruit sweetener can come in liquid, granular, and powdered forms.

Is Monk Fruit Good for Fertility?

With fertility nutrition tips in mind, we know that traditional sugar (like cane sugar and corn syrup) aren’t great for fertility health. As a simple carbohydrate that is quickly absorbed, it spikes insulin levels and blood sugar when consumed. Just like how infertility can be impacted by trans fats, sugar has been shown to decrease fertility health.

Sugar related weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and high insulin levels can lead to fertility related health concerns. These include abnormal ovulation patterns and higher likelihood of miscarriage, as well as increased androgen production and impaired embryo implantation.

It’s important to note that while these effects on fertility health come from added sugars, sugar from fruits like blueberries can boost fertility and are actually beneficial to your health.

Because monk fruit has only recently gained popularity, most studies so far have only been performed on animals. It has been shown in these studies, such as this 2010 study by Dr Murata, that animals metabolize monk fruit sweetener in a similar way that humans do. We can use this information to inform ourselves on how monk fruit interacts with the body.

So far no negative effects of monk fruit consumption have been seen in studies on animals or adults, and the thinking is that it is safe for children and those who are breastfeeding or pregnant. Studies on animals so far produced no negative effects on development of offspring and no adverse effects in a male or female fertility.

Monk Fruit Sweetener Safety

Because Monk Fruit is still new to the western diet, we still need more research to definitively determine if it has any negative impacts. We always recommend using caution when trying new ingredients and recipes, and eating everything in moderation. However, it is good to note that monk fruit sweeteners have been safely used for generations in Asian cultures.

Monk fruit may be a great alternative sweetener to replace the harmful and often excessive amounts of added sugars in our diets, but ultimately it needs more research before we know the minutiae of its effects on fertility.

We’re Here to Make Your Fertility Diet Easy

We know how frustrating meal planning can be, especially with so many other things on your plate. At Reproductive Health and Wellness Center, we want to help take the pressure off. That’s why we collaborate with dedicated nutritionists to help you stay on track and find the right fertility meal plan to amp up your fertility health!

Offering one on one consultations and fertility-boosting, health focused meal plans, they give you everything you need to make food prep the easiest part of your fertility journey. Even better – their meal recommendations are fertility focused without sacrificing flavor, so you’re sure to enjoy your meals and be excited each time you sit down to eat!

Speak with a specialist today or schedule a free fertility consultation to learn how we can help guide you on your fertility diet plan and get you that much closer to building the family of your dreams.

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