Exclusive IVF Package
Gives You an Affordable Path to Parenthood

Our one-of-a-kind IVF package gives you access to the latest advancements in infertility treatments and consultations from expert doctors at amazingly cost-effective rates.

Book a Consultation to Learn More About Our Discounted IVF Package 

Exclusive IVF Package
Gives You an Affordable Path to Parenthood

Our one-of-a-kind IVF package gives you access to the latest advancements in infertility treatments and consultations from expert doctors at amazingly cost-effective rates.

IVF For Everyone

The New Standard in Reproductive Medicine

We created this unique IVF package to give you access to infertility treatments without breaking the bank.

Fertility Treatments Starting Under $500!

We offer in-vitro fertilization, IVF, same-sex fertility treatments, surrogacy and adoption services, and more.​ Once you book a consultation, you’ll gain access to highly discounted and affordable fertility treatments starting under $500.

Book a $99 Consultation & Get 100% Back for Future Treaments

Why struggle with infertility when you can take back control of your future? With our $99 credit toward fertility treatments at REI Fertility, starting your family is easier than ever.

Extra Discounts

Extra Discounts for Veterans, Active Military, First Responders, Teachers, and Kaiser Family. Contact us for additional discounts, and insurance benefits.

Package Includes IVF, FET, and PGT-A

We offer our patients the largest range of fertility treatments including IVF, FET, and PGT-A. We’re committed to providing the highest possible standard of fertility care to everyone who walks through our doors.

Reproductive Options for LGBTQ Community

Our fertility specialist, Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz, has over a decade long history of welcoming all patients regardless of their sexual orientation, their gender identity, their ethnicity, or their marital status. 

We also understand that same-sex and transgender couples/individuals have unique fertility needs, and we offer a wide array of reproductive options.

Book a Consultation To Provide You The Best Deal Available on Your Infertility Treatment

By booking a consultation with us, we’re able to determine what exact treatments will give you the highest chances of success for your unique infertility case. We’ll work with you to find out how you can save the most on infertility treatment costs while ensuring you still have the highest quality of care available.

What Questions Can We Help Answer?

We don’t believe in surprising you with undisclosed costs during your treatment. That’s why we’re fully transparent regarding costs so you can plan your fertility care accordingly.

Fill out this form and contact us to receive a full breakdown of prices.

Schedule a Consultation Today & Discover How Much You Could Save on Your Infertility Treatment!

Booking a consultation is the best way to get the lowest price on infertility treatments. 

Only through a consultation can we offer the most competitive rates by determining the root cause of your infertility case. 

By booking your infertility consultation we can develop a highly personalized, patient-first treatment plan at an incredibly discounted price, without ever compromising on quality.

Call us for more information or to check for an earlier appointment (949) 516-0606.


Fully Complete A Single IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) & FET (Cycle Frozen Embryo Transfer) cycle

Other IVF promotions only include the IVF procedure itself. 
We stand apart by offering the resources to complete a single IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) cycle in one package deal.

Book Your Consultation Now and Gain Access to All This in One Low Price: 

  • All in-cycle office visits 
  • All ultrasounds from the very start of your IVF treatment to the embryo transfer procedure  
  • Blood/hormone testing 
  • Egg retrieval 
  • IVF lab works 
  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A)
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle (FET)
  • Embryo freezing with 1 year of storage

                                 DON’T WAIT – Book Today!

RHWC Nurse Practitioner

Contact us for a full price breakdown and schedule a consultation to discover the most competitive prices available for your unique infertility case. 

This deal is for cash only patients, and cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

Watch our patient testimonials and discover how we’ve helped change the lives of those that have sought our help.

Common Scheduling Questions

Our IVF Package has some of the most competitive rates in the country, keeping our infertility treatment costs far below the national average.

One of the benefits of being a small, family owned boutique clinic is that we get to give our patients deals they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

While larger providers stay stuck behind walls of bureaucracy, we’re able to prioritize an individualized approach both in the treatment we provide and the  prices we charge.

We take into account each aspect of our patients unique fertility case, from the physical to the emotional, to their financial situation. 

We believe everyone deserves access to the best fertility care – without the weight of a price tag holding them back. 

Schedule a Consultation to start saving today! 

From the moment you walk through our doors, you immediately become part of the Reproductive Health and Wellness Center family. 

You’ll be warmly greeted by our front staff and after a few minutes of paperwork, you can expect to spend close to an hour with Dr. Rosencrantz as he gets to know you and your unique case.

He will go over your medical history and fertility history. The fertility specialist will explain any necessary testing, go over potential treatment options, and review our comprehensive approach to fertility that incorporates reproductive wellness.

Dr. Rosencrantz will also take the time to answer any and all questions you might have; at Reproductive Health and Wellness Center, we want our patients to fully understand the process and be well-informed partners in their fertility journey.

The best way to prepare for your fertility consultation is for you (and your partner) to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Eating a healthy diet, cut back on any alcohol or caffeine, and definitely quit smoking. Also, we want you to try to reduce your stress levels.

Stress will negatively impact fertility so put together a plan for self-care that is realistic and specific for you. If you aren’t taking a prenatal vitamin every day, this is the time to start.

Finally, if you have had fertility testing or treatment done previously, try to get your medical records so you can bring them to your first appointment.

Join Our Fertility Family and Contact Us Today

Whether you are single, married, LGBTQ+, international, or local, RHWC assists you as an individual, couple or in a group setting.

Call or text (949) 516-0606 today for more information on how to Book A Consultation, IVF Promotions, or to check for appointment availability.

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