IVF Pregnancy After Multiple Miscarriages

IVF baby

Kat and Kevin had suffered through 4 pregnancy losses before coming to our Orange County fertility clinic, RHWC. After their 4th miscarriage, they did specialized testing which revealed an increased risk of miscarriage. 

Hopeful After Seeing Fertility Specialist Dr. Rosencrantz 

For this couple, giving up was not an option. They knew they needed IVF with genetic screening of the embryos. The only remaining question they had was which IVF center.  They did their homework, consulted with several different fertility doctors and fertility clinics in Orange County, and in the end, they chose Reproductive Health and Wellness Center.   

“I always felt heard, comfortable, and in the best possible hands.” – Kat

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Getting Pregnant After One Cycle of IVF

Their first IVF cycle resulted in two normal embryos and Kat and Kevin were pregnant after their first frozen embryo transfer. One and done! They had to wait 9 months but it was worth it. Their miracle baby Joseph was born in June 2021. The new parents and their newborn are all healthy and doing well.

“Dr. Rosencrantz and his team went above and beyond for me at every opportunity. I have nothing but positive experiences there, and I’m always impressed by how much the doctor and his staff genuinely care about me.” – Kat

Welcome to the world baby Joseph!

How We Can Help You

Reproductive Health and Wellness Center, an IVF clinic in Orange County helps couples seeking fertility care at an affordable price. With a combination of wellness treatments like nutrition, yoga, and counseling, our fertility specialists create a personalized plan to have the best chances at conceiving, no matter your fertility history. Give us a call at (949) 516-0606 or you may schedule a consultation by visiting this link reproductivehealthwellness.com/contact-us


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