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Reproductive Health and Wellness Center is proud to offer the most comprehensive approach to fertility by integrating cutting edge technologies like IVF, inseminations, and egg freezing with therapies like fertility acupuncture, therapy, nutrition, and spiritual direction.

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These infertility treatments are combined into highly personalized fertility plans in a boutique setting where Dr. Rosencrantz intends to see you at every visit.

Why Choose RHWC

If you are struggling with your fertility and don’t know where to turn, let us help you.  We offer exceptional patient care in a boutique practice setting with truly affordable prices.  

Our patients see their board certified fertility doctor every visit and receive the most comprehensive fertility treatments in Orange County, California because we combine state-of-the-art medical science and a brand new IVF laboratory with acupuncturenutritiontherapy, and more.

Financing Options Available

Reproductive Health and Wellness Center partnered with several financial institutions to offer our fertility patients payment plans with flexible terms, budget-conscious choices, and the ability to finance fertility treatments.

Personalized Fertility Care in a Boutique Setting

Whether you are single, married, heterosexual, LGBTQ, international, domestic or local, RHWC assists you as an individual, couple or in a group setting​​

Fertility Wellness Treatments

We are experts at treating fertility issues. We provide the latest in cutting-edge embryo science by using the latest technologies, and we create innovative fertility plans tailored specifically to each individual.

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Our IVF Success Rates

Reproductive Health and Wellness Center is proud to display our most updated IVF success rates including fertilization rates with ICSI, Embryo development in the laboratory, Positive pregnancy tests after frozen embryo transfer, and Ongoing pregnancy rates. This is the result of our double board-certified doctor, our experienced Embryology lab director, Antoine La, and senior embryologist, Kelly Dunn, the rest of our incredible RHWC team, and of course our amazing patients all working together to reach a common goal.

Fertility Treatment Options

Fertility Testing

Our fertility test will let you know about your ovarian reserve, how your levels could affect egg freezing or IVF, menopause timing, or if there are potential red flags when trying to conceive.

IVF - In Vitro Fertilization

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is the most effective fertility treatment available today, especially for older women, those with damaged fallopian tubes, and also for couples facing male factor infertility.

IUI - Intrauterine Insemination

This gentle, low-cost treatment is a good starting point for unexplained infertility in women under age 35 who have been trying to get pregnant for over a year, and for women over age 35 who have been trying for 6 months or more.

Egg Freezing

You may simply want to extend your fertility a few more years while you work on your career goals, allow your relationship time to develop, or finish your education. We are your medical experts for egg freezing; preserving your fertility.

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When you walk through our fertility centers doors for the first time, you immediately become part of the Reproductive Health and Wellness Center family. You will be warmly greeted by our front staff and after a few minutes of paperwork, you can expect to spend close to an hour with Dr. Rosencrantz who really gets to know his patients. He will go over your medical history and fertility history. The fertility specialist will explain any necessary testing, go over potential treatments options, and review our comprehensive approach to fertility that incorporates reproductive wellness. Dr. Rosencrantz will also take the time to answer any and all questions you might have; at Reproductive Health and Wellness Center, we really want our patients to fully understand the process and be well informed partners in this journey.

The best way to prepare for your fertility consultation is for you (and your partner) to start living a healthy lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet, cut back on any alcohol or caffeine, and definitely quit smoking. Also, we want you to try to reduce your stress levels. Stress will negatively impact fertility so put together a plan for self-care that is realistic and specific for you. If you aren’t taking a prenatal vitamin every day, this is the time to start. Finally, if you have had fertility testing or treatment done previously, try to get your medical records so you can bring them to your first appointment.

Your fertility consultation will be with our board certified fertility specialist Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz virtually or in-person. Please call our office at (949) 516-0606 to check for more available appointments. 7PM appointments are Virtual ONLY. We look forward to being part of your fertility journey 🙂

*Consults for Southern California residents onlys

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