Supplements that Help Increase Sperm in Men

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Here Are 5 Supplements that Optimize Sperm

When it comes to a man’s fertility, sperm count and motility are important factors in being able to conceive. The main symptom of low sperm count and motility is having difficulty getting a partner pregnant. A sperm’s motility is its ability to move through a woman’s cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. Let’s dive into 5 supplements that you may want to add into your regimen to help sperm perform its best.

#1 Vitamin C

This vitamin is one of the most abundant antioxidants found in the semen of fertile men. Not only does it maintain healthy sperm, but it also protects the sperm’s DNA from free radical damage. According to one study, taking 2,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day for two months can increase sperm motility by over 90%. In this study, on top of demonstrating that this dosage can double sperm count, it also cut the amount of damaged sperm in more than half.

#2 Vitamin E

This fat-soluble vitamin helps protect the sperm’s cell membrane from damage. Studies show that vitamin E supplementation in infertile men can result in improved motility, and therefore, increased pregnancy rates. Studies show improvement after 3 months of vitamin E supplementation.

#3 Vitamin D

Studies show that vitamin D supports semen quality and motility. Normal vitamin D levels have been linked to healthy semen quality and motility. Moreover, studies have found a correlation between vitamin D levels and the ability of sperm to begin a pregnancy.

#4 CoQ10

Not only is it a powerful antioxidant, but taking 200-300 mg of CoQ10 each day also may improve sperm concentration, density, and motility. Studies show that taking CoQ10 supplementation can decrease oxidative stress and in turn enhance male fertility by promoting healthy sperm. New sperm cells take about two and a half months to fully develop so it’s not a surprise that a study documented improved fertilization rates after 103 days of consuming 60 mgs of Coq10 each day.

#5 Zinc

Studies show that this essential mineral could increase sperm volume, motility, and quality. By definition an essential mineral is vital for maintaining the body’s health. Research shows that when infertile men took 66 mg of zinc sulfate a day along with 5 mg of folic acid for 26 weeks, they had a 74% increase in total normal sperm count.

I Want More Guidance on My Personal Supplementation Needs

If you have any questions about male fertility or just want additional guidance, the team at Reproductive Health and Wellness Center is here for you every step of the way. We have a comprehensive fertility wellness division that includes nutrition counseling, acupuncture, spiritual counseling and fertility therapy. Whether you want to get a semen analysis or get support on fertility nutrition, we are here to help. Just call 949-516-0606 to speak with our office about booking a session, or you can book an online consultation with our founder, Dr. Rosencrantz, to speak about your fertility needs.

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