Alex and Courtney Welcome Baby Marcus to the Mix

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Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz first met Courtney and Alex at Kaiser Permanente back in 2013. They wanted to start their family but Courtney had a new diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. Fortunately, after just a few cycles of IUI with Dr. Rosencrantz, they were pregnant with their first daughter Tessa.

Courtney and Alex were back for baby number two in 2016. This time they underwent a single IVF cycle with Dr. Rosencrantz and Madison was born after their first frozen embryo transfer.

And this brings us to baby Marcus. This beautiful family of 4 was not complete. Utilizing another one of their leftover frozen embryos, Courtney and Alex conceived again on their first embryo transfer and delivered Marcus in 2021. “His name will always make us think of you and how you made our family possible. We were always destined to be parents, and I cannot imagine life without my [3] perfect babies,” wrote Alex.

At RHWC, we love it when our patients can do 1 IVF cycle and then have 2 children from 2 single embryo transfers. “I am speechless, completely overwhelmed with honor and gratitude that they named their son Marcus. It has been entirely my privilege to help Courtney and Alex with their family,” said Dr. Rosencrantz.

Cheers to Alex, Courtney, Tessa, Madison, and now Marcus!

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