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Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz

What is a Fertility Specialist Doctor?

What does a Fertility Doctor Do? If you are looking into fertility treatments, you may be wondering why your general practitioner or OB/GYN cannot offer you fertility care specific to your needs. Although they may …

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Foods to avoid during fertility treatments
Health & Wellness

Foods to Avoid During Fertility Treatments

If you’re going through fertility treatments, you’re probably trying to do everything you can to best prepare your body and mind in order to get...
Metformin, PCOS, and Fertility
Fertility Treatments

Metformin, PCOS, and Fertility

 If you have heard of PCOS or are wondering what fertility drugs you might be prescribed when seeking fertility help, metformin may have popped up...
Couple can't have baby
Fertility Testing

What is Infertility?

Infertility Meaning and How to Treat It Building your family is an exciting and promising time in your life. Looking around it seems like it...
oatmeal infertility
Health & Wellness

Breakfast Foods to Help Boost Fertility

Tasty ways to start your day and help fertility!  Fertility boosting foods can seem dull or boring sometimes. If you’re taking fertility supplements or fertility...
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