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At RHWC, we’ve helped thousands of our patients become parents. When you use our Egg Donor Program for your fertility success, we’ll advise and guide you each step of the way, from the process of choosing your egg donor all the way through to the day you’re holding your healthy baby.

Using donor eggs is a great option if you’re facing infertility because of issues related to egg production or quality, possibly caused by hereditary factors, health conditions, surgery or age. After age 35, a decline in ovarian function is normal. The quality and quantity of eggs naturally decreases, making it harder to get pregnant.

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Donor Egg

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The high success rate of Donor Egg IVF to produce healthy babies is due to the fact the criteria for the eggs is so stringent. We use only young, well-screened, high-quality eggs, and that gives you much better odds of a successful pregnancy.

Using an egg donor is also a great solution for gay male couples wishing to begin or expand their families. With a donor egg and sperm from one of the parents, they can also have a genetic tie to their child.

How the Donor Egg Process Works?

Eggs can be obtained through a donor agency, a donor egg bank, through a family member or from a friend. If the eggs are obtained from a family member, friend or another local source, a “fresh” donation procedure is used. Your egg donor is assessed by your team and fully screened to rule out any health issues. The donor takes IVF medications to increase egg production and ovulation, and when ovulation occurs, the eggs are retrieved using IVF egg retrieval.

If you use an egg bank, your donor eggs will be a “frozen” donation. The eggs are obtained through a careful thawed in the lab, fertilized with sperm from either one of the parents or a donor, and then monitored for 3 – 5 days. The embryos are then implanted in the mother’s uterus.

We have relationships with the very best egg banks in the region, who have consistently provided high quality eggs that are carefully screened. We have the experience, information and resources to answer all of your questions about our Egg Donor Program, and together we’ll help you decide if it’s the right direction for you. Book an appointment to discuss your options and begin your fertility plan.

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