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Ovulation Induction

Ovulation Induction Overview

This gentle, low-cost treatment is a good starting point for unexplained infertility in women under age 35 who have been trying to get pregnant for over a year, and for women over age 35 who have been trying for 6 months or more. It is helpful for women with endometriosis or ovulation problems, and is an excellent choice for patients dealing with fertility issues where the sperm just needs an extra boost of assistance.

Whether it’s male factor infertility at play, affecting the quality, quantity or mobility of the sperm, or a female factor that makes it hard for the sperm to pass the cervix, IUI can help. IUI is also perfect for lesbian couples or single women using donor sperm.

Ovulation Induction Procedure

Dysfunction in the ovaries is often caused by a hormone imbalance, which often points to other factors contributing to your infertility. At Reproductive Health and Wellness Center, we begin with a full and thorough assessment of both partners in order to completely assess and diagnose all of the factors of your situation. Then we create the most effective fertility plan for your needs.

If Ovulation Induction is part of your plan, your team will work out the precise strategy with you, and whether it will lead to IUI, IVF or Timed Intercourse, based on your particular needs. We closely monitor your body’s response to the medication to maintain a high level of productivity without overstimulation. Your entire team will closely monitor your progress and help you to maintain your whole-person wellness, which better supports your pregnancy.

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