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Preparing for your fertility consultation

Thank you for choosing Reproductive Health and Wellness Center to be part of your collaborative, compassionate fertility care team. Please use the resources on this page to help you prepare for consultation, and download common patient forms.

Fertility Resources

Be sure to register within 24 hours of your consultation request. You may call us to resend the link.

By completing the medical and fertility forms online, you help Dr. Rosencrantz best prepare for your consultation.

In addition to the online questionnaire, please fill out a short patient form to help our medical staff and front desk assist you better upon arrival. Same applies for virtual consults
72 hours (3 days) before your consultation, a medical staff will contact you to confirm steps 1 to 3 and invoice you to complete registration

Insurances We Accept

Fertility Insurance
Insurance we accept

We only take PPO policies.

What to Expect at Your First RHWC Fertility Visit?

Getting ready for your first visit? Congratulations on taking the first step! After checking in, you (and partner if applicable) will be meeting with Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz to review your entire medical and fertility history. Dr. Rosencrantz will then share his suggestions on what’s next, including testing and treatment options. After meeting with our fertility specialist, you (and partner if applicable) will meet for 15 minutes with our Insurance Coordinator. During this time, we will discuss costs, treatments and medications. 1 day after your visit, a medical staff will follow up to help answer any additional questions you have.

How to prepare for your first fertility consultation?

Please be sure to use a desktop computer to register on our Patient Portal and add your spouse’s information if applicable. It is also important that you fill out the patient forms prior to your appointment. We will contact you 72 hours (3 days) before your appointment to confirm completion of patient forms, and invoice you to complete your consultation registration.

Virtual Consultations: 5 minutes before your consultation, Dr. Rosencrantz will email you the link to join in on the video call.

In Person Consultations: Once you arrive, we immediately check your temperature with a forehead scan. Be prepared with your insurance (if applicable) and photo ID.  In addition to the patient portal questionnaire, you will fill out patient forms that helps Dr. Rosencrantz best prepare for your consultation. Once checked in, Dr. Rosencrantz will come out and greet you to his office. Please be sure to wear a mask!

Whether your new patient visit is in person or virtual, please know that we are here to make your fertility journey as easy, as comfortable, and as successful as possible. You can call us at 949-516-0606 if you have any questions prior to your first initial consultation.

IMPORTANT: If you need a translator, please let us know before your consultation

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Consultation Payment

New Patient Consultations are $100 dollars and a credit will be applied to any fertility treatment. Virtual appointments must be paid 72 hours before your appointment date.

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