Male Fertility

Male Fertility

Male fertility treatment in orange county

Almost 50% of infertility issues facing couples today stem in some part from the male partner. Male infertility testing is a crucial component to get a complete picture of a couple’s fertility challenges. Often there are no outward signs of infertility in men, but sometimes there are symptoms like erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, swelling of the testes or other physical signs of illness.

RHWC’s male fertility care utilizes our state-of-the-art labs and the latest tests to identify the root causes of your infertility. We have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating male factor infertility, and we create personalized fertility plans that address all factors and encompass all aspects of your wellness.

Options for Male Infertility​

Couple after male fertility care

Sperm production accounts for almost 70% of male infertility cases. Sperm is grown and stored inside the testicles. Healthy production can be affected by hormonal fluctuations, issues with the testicles, and other factors that can result in poor quality sperm or a low sperm count.

Sperm transportation is another area that can cause fertility issues.In a functioning male reproductive system, well-formed sperm move from the testicles, are mixed with semen and then ejaculated out of the penis. But issues such as surgery and injury can prevent the sperm from proper transportation.

The functionality and overall health of the sperm can also be the issue. Genetic and other factors could be causing the production of sperm that has mobility issues, or simply isn’t well formed.

Male infertility can be caused by many factors. Prior surgery, injury, health problems, and genetics can all play a factor. At Reproductive Health and Wellness Center we do a full evaluation and analysis of both partners to get a complete picture of all of the issues that could be affecting your fertility.

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