The $99 Fertility Test

Wouldn’t it be nice to be proactive and find about your fertility right now? Book today and schedule at the beginning of your menstrual cycle

The $99
Fertility Test

Wouldn’t it be nice to be proactive and find about your fertility right now? Book today and schedule at the beginning of your menstrual cycle

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You are not alone. 15% of couples will have difficulty conceiving.

Our fertility test will let you know about your ovarian reserve, how your levels could affect egg freezing or IVF, menopause timing, or if there are potential red flags when trying to conceive 

For only $99, Reproductive Health and Wellness Center is offering:

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Detailed Fertility
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IVF consultation in Orange County

15-minute Phone Consultation with Our Fertility Specialist

Affordable Fertility Testing

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At Reproductive Health and Wellness Center, we believe in giving patients the highest quality care at a lower cost. Our promise is to give patients the highest fertility success rates possible with a goal of making fertility treatments affordable to all.

How Does it Work?

  • On day 1 of your menstrual cycle (full flow, not spotting), you will call RHWC to schedule a blood draw at our office
  • The test will be scheduled between days 2-4
  • Approximately one week later you will have your results in a detailed, easy to understand report, and you will have a follow up phone consultation to review it with the fertility doctor

* promotion is not valid with a 60-minute consultation. A 15-minute call will be scheduled to review your fertility test results with our fertility specialist

Common Fertility IQ Testing Questions

Maybe you are curious? Maybe you are just starting to try for a family? Or you are planning for a family in the future? Maybe you are thinking about egg freezing? Regardless, knowledge is power. RHWC wants to help you be proactive and make your fertility a little less mysterious so you can make informed decisions, all at an affordable price (*usually priced at over $500).
Women between the ages of 22-45 with regular menstrual cycles (between 25-40 days). If your cycles are irregular, give us a call and together we will figure out the best time for the blood draw. If you are currently using hormonal contraception, see below.

If you are on birth control pills and have regular cycles, the blood tests are still between day 2-4 of your cycle. If you are on pills and don’t have a regular period, it should be scheduled 4-5 days after the last active pill.

If you use a birth control patch, the blood tests are drawn 4-5 days after taking off the patch and before putting on a new one.

If you use the Nuvaring, the blood tests are drawn 4-5 days after taking out the ring and before inserting a new one.

The Copper IUD is fine for testing. If you have a Mirena IUD, you can have testing but only AMH levels (see question below).

Women with a Hormonal Rod Implant or on DepoProvera are not candidates.

AMH, FSH, and Estradiol

AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone) is produced by the small follicles within the ovaries (follicles are small fluid filled sacs that contain the eggs). Your AMH level reflects the number of eggs in your ovaries. The lower the AMH level, the less eggs you have which can indicate a low ovarian reserve.

FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) comes from a part of your brain called the pituitary and is responsible for stimulating your ovaries to grow an egg. Levels can vary from month to month but high levels can reflect having less eggs, poorer quality eggs, or being close to menopause.

Estradiol is produced by the follicles in the ovary. High levels can reflect shorter menstrual cycles and poor egg quality while low levels can reflect ovaries that are not being stimulated appropriately or that are close to menopause.

The testing does not directly measure the quality of a patient’s eggs nor does it tell you if you can or cannot get pregnant. Instead we can better predict egg quantity and quality.
This is a cash only offer and is not billable to your insurance.

Book today and schedule at the beginning of your menstrual cycle

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