What are my Chances of Getting Pregnant with Infertility Treatments

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If you are trying to get pregnant and have had no success, then you might have infertility.  The definition of infertility is a year of unprotected intercourse (sex) without a pregnancy.  Talking to your doctor and running some tests is a good first step. Because women have a harder time getting pregnant as they age, if you are 35 or older, you should consider being seen sooner than one year.  And if you have irregular menstrual cycles or endometriosis or other fertility issues, you should consider being seen now.  

If you meet with your doctor and you have infertility, do not fear!  Sometimes the underlying issue can be fixed.  Other times you might need infertility treatments and there are a number of different ones that can help.  For example, there are pills and/or injections to help you ovulate. There is also an intrauterine insemination (IUI).  IUI is when sperm is deposited at the top of the uterus around the time of ovulation.  Another example is in vitro fertilization (IVF).  IVF is when eggs are removed from the body and mixed with sperm in the laboratory.    

The success rates of these treatments will vary and are dependent on age and the health of an individual.  Healthy patients will have higher chances of fertility treatments working in their favor.  Working with your doctor to manage any pre-existing or current health conditions can help better your chances of getting pregnant when undergoing this process.  Treatments are also less effective with increasing age of the woman. This is because women lose eggs as they age and the quality of the eggs also decreases.   

 A study released by the CDC in 2013 by their Assisted Reproductive Technology Data outlined success rates for fertility treatments based on the ages of patients, including many kinds of fertility treatments. Their statistics showed the following: 


Out of the women surveyed who are less than 35 years old: 45.9% got pregnant, 39.9% had a live birth, and 28.2% had a singleton live birth  

Out of the women who are 35-37 years old: 38% got pregnant, 31.6% had a live birth, and 23.2% singleton live birth  

Out of the women who are 38-40 years old: 28.6% got pregnant, 21.1% had a live birth, and  16.7% singleton live birth 

Out of the women who are 41-42 years old: 18.8% got pregnant, 11.1% had a live birth, and 9.6% had a singleton live birth  

Out of the women who are 43-44 years old: 10.2% got pregnant, 5.2% had a live birth, and 4.8% had a singleton live birth  

Out of the women who are over 44 years old: 3.8% got pregnant, 1.6% had a live birth, and 1.4% had a singleton live birth 


 Overall, the chances of getting pregnant with fertility treatments are hopeful and they increase the younger you are. If you are able to talk to your doctor, take good care of your health, and start making plans to manage your fertility health early, then fertility treatments can help you begin to build the family you want! 

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