Low-Fat Dairy Products May Be Bad for Fertility

Low-Fat Dairy Fertility

US Study Research Finds Low-Fat Dairy Affects Reproductive Health

Eating healthy and consuming the right types of food may boost your fertility. For most of us eating healthy translates to low-fat or skim products. Skim milk or low-fat yogurt seem like the right choices for a healthy fertility friendly diet. Not so much shows research from a US study that found that consuming low-fat dairy products, like skim milk, may affect ovulation and women’s fertility. Surprisingly, the same study shows that consuming high-fat dairy, like whole milk or ice cream, improved fertility.

Low-Fat vs High-Fat Dairy

For 8 years a US research study from Boston followed 18,555 women who were married, between the ages of 24 and 42, and premenopausal, with no history of infertility.
Their main observation and focus were on the effects of dairy and their fertility correlated with the amount of consumption. Their menstrual cycle was observed, if they had any ovulation failure, and whether they were trying to conceive.
The research found that 483 women had ovulatory issues.

Low-Fat Dairy May Increase Infertility

When it came to low-fat dairy products, the study found that consuming two portions or more of low-fat dairy foods were 85 percent more likely to struggle with infertility due to ovulatory issues compared to women who only ate low-fat dairy foods once a week or less.

High-Fat Dairy May Reduce Infertility

For women that are trying to decrease the chances of infertility research found that woman who consumed high-fat dairy products, like butter and ice cream, once a day or more reduced the risk of infertility by 25 percent.

Is Dairy Good or Bad for Fertility?

The US research study on the effects of dairy on infertility was done by Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital from 1991 to 1999. The research concluded that when it comes to dairy, high-fat dairy food products is more beneficial and may, in fact, reduce infertility. The research also concluded that low-fat dairy food products may increase fertility.

Just be cautious when consuming dairy with high-fat. If you already struggle with weight and are overweight or obese, high-fat dairy is probably not a good option. Maintaining a healthy fertility diet and watching your calories is still very important when trying to conceive.

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