Lynn Rosencrantz

Spiritual Director, SD

Lynn Rosencrantz – Spiritual Director

Lynn has found that the practice of Spiritual Direction can be life-changing and she is accustomed to working with people of all faiths, religions, and backgrounds, as well as those struggling with fertility.

“Spiritual Direction has helped me define how to discover myself not only in relation to my own life, but to a sacred presence. My struggles are companioned with both the guidance and comfort of the Sacred.”

Lynn Rosencrantz received her training as a Spiritual Director from the Stillpoint Center for Spiritual Direction, and has been a Spiritual Director for the past 5 years. Her education includes a B.A. in Special Education and a M.Ed. in Marriage and Family Counseling. Her prayer practice directed her to spiritual director. She is a graduate of the Institute for Spiritual Direction at Stillpoint and a member of Spiritual Directors International.

Lynn grew up in Portland Oregon and raised her own family and children in Las Vegas Nevada. She currently resides in both Las Vegas, NV and Laguna Beach, CA with her husband and dog. Lynn has several other interests including interior design and fashion design and she has her own line of original handbags, jewelry, boxes, and frames.

I find my life coming into greater focus. In these shaky times, and in my vulnerability, I am able to discern the value and worthiness of that of great worth and that of little. It is in this liminal space where clarity has begun to form and meaning has been outlined in a dark permanent marker.

Head and heart are leaning toward balance and what I am and what I want stands before me. And this is where tenderness appears. Are you experiencing similar feelings?

“When things are shaky and nothing is working, we might realize that we are on the verge of something.” (Pema Chodon)

If infertility is your battle and your dream, don’t give up the challenge. Your longing can be made only more intense by your regret. Gather yourself inward, don’t get lost in the shakiness and uncertainty of the times and remember there is a sacredness in your efforts to continue.

Consult with Dr. Rosencrantz. Make virtual appointments to discuss your dreams. And if you feel a desire for Spiritual Direction, I am available to you. His office will make appointments and we will FaceTime or Skype our way to connection. Don’t give up…this will pass.

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