Maca Root to Boost Male Fertility?

Maca root male fertility

A Plant Found In the Peruvian Andes Shows Some Signs of Improving Sperm 

Recently, the popular maca root powders and also available in pill form is being touted for its fertility. Although not a new fertility booster, actually for 3,000 years Peruvian locals have been using it as an aphrodisiac. Some of the benefits include, libido, fertility, improved energy levels and so much more.  

Maca root has  been studied more extensively on male fertility.  In fact studies in men show that if you just take 1.3-3 grams of maca root up to 90 days improved libido and sexual desire. The study also shows that maca root may boost sexual performance. For men who struggle with erectile dysfunction, consuming 2.4 grams of maca root for 90 days may improve your male function.  

Here are 3 Ways That Maca Root May Boost Male Fertility

#1 Reduces Stress 

Consuming maca root has been known to help improve stress levels which may help improve your chances at conceiving. Similar to ginseng, maca has herbal medicinal properties that have shown to regulate stress. For a less stressful fertility journey start your day with a delicious smoothie with some maca powder that you can easily find online at amazon or at a health store such as Whole Foods. 

#2 Increases Sperm Count 

A recent study published on the National Library of Medicine, showed that maca roots may assist in improving sexual dysfunction and may also increase sperm count to boost fertility in men. For guys in need of better sperm quality, but not sure how to take maca, no worries they also have it in a pill form. You can find them at places liklike GNC or also online at Gaia Herbs. 

#3 Full of Minerals and Compounds

Maca has over 30 different minerals and also contains an essential compound for fertility named glucosinolates. Making this an ideal choice to help males struggling with fertility issues. If you need to get in the extra minerals and essential compounds to boost male fertility try maca root in liquid drops form. You can find them at Herb Farm. 

Maca Root for Male Fertility

At Reproductive Health and Wellness Center we believe in combining fertility treatments  such a as IVF or IUI, with complimentary wellness treatments, like nutrition or acupuncture. That is why we have in house nutritionists that specialize on specific diets to improve both male and female fertility. Maca root in powder, pills, or liquid drops is something we recommend to discuss with our registered dietician. They can better assess your current diet and see if maca root may be implemented into a fertility boosting based nutrition plan. For more information on essential herbs, minerals, or boosting fertility foods call our office at 949-516-0606 to make an appointment with a fertility specialist.

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