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Quin Liu Fertility Marketing International Director
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Ms. Liu used to be a teacher, and she had experiences in advertising marketing and psychological counseling and other fields with relevant qualifications and had been working as editor, journalist and host. She has served as a senior operation manager in one of the top 20 private companies (Chinese companies) in the United States for more than ten years and is familiar with the field of IVF in the United States. 

Qin Liu has nearly 8 years of experience in international patient coordination and has assisted several reproductive centers in the international market planning and operation, and led a team to help many patients from China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, Arab and other countries to fulfill the long-cherished wish of being parents and quickly established an international reputation for the reproductive centers. 

Ms. Liu lives in Irvine of Los Angeles area with her family. She has a wide range of interests, like travel, shopping, cooking and reading. She likes innovation and challenge. She is a cheerful, warm and thoughtful person who is deeply trusted and loved by patients. Just like her signature “Thanksgiving – Commitment of Life “, she uses love, patience and confidence to help everyone sincerely who is destined. She is very happy to work with the Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz team. They hope that every patient coming to RHWC can feel the warmth and care of home. For a common philosophy, they will be committed to bringing first-class medical technology and experience to patients. 

Come on, let the child come into your life~

国际市场总监—— 刘琴

刘琴女士曾经是教师,也曾涉猎广告市场营销、编辑记者主持人、心理咨询等领域 并拥有相关资质,她在美国排名前20私人企业(中国公司)任高级营运经理十多年,熟悉美国辅助生殖领域并拥有近8年国际患者协调经验,协助数家生殖中心构件国际市场规划及运营,带领团队帮助众多来自中国 (包括台湾香港地区)、加拿大、日本、英国、澳洲、阿拉伯等国家的患者实现为人父母的夙愿,并为生殖中心迅速建立国际知名度。

刘琴女士和她的家人住在洛杉矶尔湾,她兴趣广泛,爱好旅游购物烹饪阅读,喜欢创新与挑战,她是一个个性开朗热情周到之人,深受患者信任和喜爱。正如她的签名:“感恩 -生命的托付”,她用爱心耐心细心信心诚心诚意帮助每一位有缘之人,她很高兴能和Dr.Marcus Rosencrantz 团队一起工作,他们希望每一位来到RHWC 的患者能感受到家的温暖和关怀,为了共同的理念,他们将致力于为患者带来一流的医疗技术和体验。


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