What is a Fertility Specialist Doctor?

Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz

What does a Fertility Doctor Do?

If you are looking into fertility treatments, you may be wondering why your general practitioner or OB/GYN cannot offer you fertility care specific to your needs. Although they may be able to help with certain treatments, the doctors you normally see will not be able to help with the more detailed fertility issues you may be facing. Instead, your doctors will recommend you see a fertility specialist or you may do research to find a specialist yourself. But what is a fertility specialist, and how are they different from other doctors? 

Fertility specialists are physicians who have a specific focus in a subspecialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology (O/BGYN) known as Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI). In simpler terms, their field of study is exclusive to fertility, the reproductive systems of both men and women, and how our hormonal functions affect reproduction and fertility.

 In order to be certified as an REI in the United States, a fertility specialist must have done at least four years of training at an accredited OB/GYN residency followed by three additional years of training at an accredited REI fellowship program. During their fellowship, they will do extensive research and gain important clinical experience diagnosing and treating different infertility cases. They also gain experience administering IVF cycles, practicing laparoscopic surgery, and performing difficult microsurgical procedures.

Fertility Specialist Orange County 


Reproductive Health and Wellness Center (RHWC) was founded by Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz, a fertility specialist, awarded TOP Doctor 2020, who has dedicated his career to improving our understanding of fertility and helping patients build their families. At RHWC our goal is to provide comprehensive, detailed care that gives patients the best possible chances to start or grow their families. When a patient first arrives at our fertility clinic, they will have a consultation with Dr. Rosencrantz who really takes the time to learn your story; patients really appreciate the boutique personalized care they receive.

During the initial consult, Dr. Rosencrantz will formulate a plan with the patient that willt likely involve doing some testing. This evaluation is important because your specific treatment plan will depend on your specific fertility issues. Infertility testing can include checking hormone levels, performing an ultrasound to evaluate the ovaries and the uterus, having a hysterosalpingogram to evaluate the fallopian tubes for blockage and the uterine cavity for any growths, and a semen analysis to assess sperm quantity and quality.

Once your fertility workup has been completed, a specialized and specific treatment plan will be developed between you and your fertility doctor to find the exact right course of action for your fertility needs. 

When to Contact a Fertility Specialist


Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz fertility consultation
Dr. Rosencrantz, fertility specialist,  introducing fertility options to patients

Ideally, a fertility specialist doctor should be sought out early on after a diagnosis of infertility. Most couples qualify as infertile if they have been trying to conceive for over a year and have had no success. If they are over 35, this time span is shortened to six months of trying to conceive with no success and if they are over 40, its three months or less.  Talking to an infertility specialist early on is crucial. As women age infertility becomes more difficult to treat.  Speaking to a doctor sooner rather than later can increase the effectiveness of infertility treatments. 

Reproductive Health and Wellness Center holds a high standard for our Fertility Specialists. Our team of high quality fertility specialists in both medical and wellness fields have years of experience and thousands of successful patient stories that make us proud to offer high quality infertility care at a lower cost to those who walk through our door. We are always open to speak to those seeking fertility care in Southern California and around the world.  Please call us at 949-516-0606. You can also click here to book a consultation.



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