6 Benefits Yoga May Boost Fertility

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Practicing yoga may help increase your flexibility, balance your metabolism and can even be helpful with stress or tension. In addition, if you’re trying to conceive, yoga may provide a benefit to your reproductive health.

From physical health to mental clarity, there is reason to believe that yoga offers some advantages if you are trying to get pregnant. 1 in 8 couples in the US struggle with infertility and the treatments can take a toll.  Data suggests that wellness treatments like yoga may have a positive impact in helping couples navigate through the ups and downs that are common in the fertility journey.  

Whether you are a master yogi or a novice, yoga is a great way to support your fertility. Reproductive Health and Wellness Center is a brand new IVF center that is integrating fertility wellness solutions, like yoga and acupuncture, with scientific, state of the art infertility treatments.

With over 10 years of providing infertility care, it is easy to see how infertility treatments affect us emotionally and physically.  It is also clear that stress, anxiety, depression, poor nutritional habits, and poor physical health can decrease a patient’s chances of success with their treatments.  I founded Reproductive Health and Wellness Center with a mission to give patients the absolute best chance of success by committing to state of the art technology and to their reproductive wellnesssays the founder Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz.

Here are 6 ways how yoga may be the perfect infertility wellness solution if you’re trying to conceive.

1. Connecting with your body 

Yoga is an excellent way to connect with your physical body. Focusing on fertility issues can often make people feel disconnected. Being disconnected can make it pretty difficult to pay attention to the subtle forewarnings our body is giving us what it needs and when.  Yoga is a great way to rebuild that connection. Practicing yoga gives you the time to step away from everything and turn our focus inward.

Learning to listen and connect with our bodies is an important part of the fertility process. Fertility yoga specializes in helping us reconnect with both body and mind. 

2. Stress Relief 

There is no doubt that struggling to conceive can be downright stressful! Modern day life is already full of stress from work, school, relationships and the ever increasing cost of living. Struggling to get pregnant can further increase our stress, even to the point of causing irregular menstrual cycles and lower libido. 

Yoga is a great outlet to help you with your stress and keeps you mindful. Practicing yoga is also a great way to help you stay focused and increase endorphins. Lower stress levels from practicing fertility yoga can help balance your body to better optimize your fertility treatment.

3. Increase blood flow to uterus & ovaries

Compared to past generations, Americans today spend more time sitting down which has increased by an hour a day in recent years. When we sit down a lot, we limit the blood flow to our pelvis and reproductive organs. Yoga may help improve blood circulation and flow to reproductive organs. For example, yoga stretches our hips and opens them up allowing an increase in blood flow to the pelvic region and reproductive organs.

4. Balance hormonal health

Hormonal stability is vital when it comes to fertility. After all, hormones help with metabolism, sexual function and reproduction. Supporting hormonal health can increase chances of conceiving. Luckily, research studies show that yoga can have a positive impact in supporting hormonal health.


5. Low key is key 

When it comes to exercise while trying to get pregnant, not all exercises are created equal. Excessive workouts and vigorous activities are not ideal when your are trying to conceive.  “1-5 hours a week of low or moderate exercise like yoga can help patients conceive”. Dr. Rosencrantz adds, “more than that, be careful. Your chances might start to decrease. Fertility yoga, offered at Reproductive Health and Wellness Center in Orange County, is low-intensity and gentle, just what the doctor ordered.

6. Community Support

The yoga community is known for its compassion and understanding. Being able to practice fertility yoga with people who have similar goals and interests creates a supporting community while allowing you to reap the physical and mental benefits. 


The benefits of yoga during your fertility journey are multifaceted, strengthening reproductive health on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.  If you are trying to get pregnant, keep in mind that not all yoga is appropriate to help boost fertility. You can find Fertility Yoga classes, in Orange County, CA, at Reproductive Health & Wellness Center that work to support you fertility. 


About Reproductive Health and Wellness Center 

At Reproductive Health and Wellness Center, we don’t ignore your wellness. Instead, we come up with individualized and comprehensive treatment plans. We will give you the best possible outcomes by complementing traditional treatments like IVF with yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, therapy, support groups and spiritual guidance. 

Reproductive Health and Wellness Center founder, Dr. Rosencrantz, MD FACOG has been treating infertility for over a decade. He was inspired to open a fertility clinic that offers an innovative approach to treating infertility by looking at the whole person. Book an appointment or ask a fertility question by going here.


Reproductive Health and Wellness

At Reproductive Health and Wellness Center, we are experts at treating fertility issues. We provide the latest in cutting-edge embryo science by using the latest technologies, and we create innovative fertility plans tailored specifically to each individual. But we’re so much more.

Reproductive Health and Wellness

At Reproductive Health and Wellness Center, we are experts at treating fertility issues. We provide the latest in cutting-edge embryo science by using the latest technologies, and we create innovative fertility plans tailored specifically to each individual. But we’re so much more.

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