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IVF Pregnancy After Multiple Miscarriages

Kat and Kevin had suffered through 4 pregnancy losses before coming to our Orange County fertility clinic, RHWC. After their 4th miscarriage, they did specialized testing which revealed an increased risk of miscarriage.  Hopeful After Seeing Fertility Specialist Dr. Rosencrantz 

How Men with HIV Can Still Have Kids

Having a Biological Child When Both Partners are HIV Positive In a recent study with HIV positive men, many didn’t think a biological child was possible but they still wanted to have children. Approximately 40%

Supplements that Help Increase Sperm in Men

Here Are 5 Supplements that Optimize Sperm When it comes to a man’s fertility, sperm count and motility are important factors in being able to conceive. The main symptom of low sperm count and motility

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Fertility Tips, Facts, and More

ICSI vs IVF illustration

IVF vs ICSI – What is the Difference?

If you are looking into fertility treatments and In Vitro Fertilization (otherwise known as IVF), then you probably already have some knowledge about what this process is like. IVF helps patients who have trouble conceiving

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