How to improve IUI Success Rates

improve IUI Success Rates

5 Tips to Improve Chances of Pregnancy with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination or IUI is a common fertility procedure that is used to improve the chances of getting pregnant. Many fertility patients struggling to get pregnant try IUI before trying in vitro fertilization or IVF. For many patients, IUI is preferred because it is less invasive and it has a lower cost.

Like all fertility treatments success depends on age and other health factors. IUI success rates range from 0 to 20 percent. Many fertility doctors recommend that if you are not pregnant after three IUI cycles, to try IVF treatment.

Watch this video of fertility specialist, Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz, explain the IUI procedure

Here are tips to boost your chances of conceiving with IUI

1. Consult a Fertility Doctor

Make sure to first speak to a reproductive endocrinologist who can determine if IUI is the correct type of fertility treatment for you. If you are in Southern California and looking to save on IUI treatment go here to book a consultation.

2. Eat Healthy

Having a healthy diet and eating fertility-friendly foods, like full-fat dairy & whole grains, can improve your chances of pregnancy with IUI treatment. Also, staying hydrated is very important so make sure to drink lots of water.

At RHWC, we work with nutritionists who have expertise in fertility. Email us for more details.

3. Exercise (Don’t Overdo It)

When it comes to exercise, low key is key. Moderate workouts are good, but too much strenuous exercise can decrease your chances of success with IUI. Yoga can be the perfect exercise to stretch your body, raise your heartbeat, and help you boost fertility.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture therapies can increase blood flow and help with egg quality. At RHWC we have a top fertility acupuncture specialist in-house ready to go over any issues you have and explain how acupuncture may boost your fertility. Learn more about acupuncture and fertility treatments by going here.

5. De-stress

Stress has been linked with infertility for thousands of years. Going through IUI or any infertility treatment can increase anxiety or depression.

At RHWC we offer support groups, therapy, and spiritual counseling to help cope with stress. To speak to a fertility specialist call or text us at 949-516-0606 for more information.

IUI Procedure in Orange County

If you are seeking fertility treatments, IUI may be the perfect solution, but be prepared to be evaluated first before being set on IUI. It is best to meet with a fertility specialist so they can determine what type of fertility treatments you need. To book a fertility consultation with a top Orange County fertility doctor, go here.

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