What are the Success Rates of IVF?

IVF Success Medication

In Vitro Fertilization Success Rate Explained 

In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF, is the process of removing eggs from a woman’s body, mixing them with sperm in the laboratory to make embryos, growing embryos in the laboratory, and then placing embryos back inside the woman’s uterus.  

IVF was first introduced to the world in 1978 and to the United States in 1981.  As technology has improved year after year, so have success rates and there have now been over 1,000,000 babies born in the US with IVF. 

A very common question fertility specialists get is “what are the success rates with IVF?”  It’s a really easy question to ask but the answer is far more complicated.  This is because IVF success depends on many different factors.   

#1 – Age
The age of the woman is the most important factor when she is planning to use her own eggs.  Success rates decline as women age which is in large part due to egg quality.  Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and as they get older, and start to run out of eggs, the quality of the eggs decrease.  This explains why women have harder time getting pregnant as they age and why they have a higher risk of miscarriage with increasing age, especially over age 40.  IVF success rates based solely on age can be seen in the photo below: 

Fertility Age Matters
Maternal Age and IVF success rates.

#2 – Previous pregnancy
Women who have been pregnant before, who have proven fertility, will have a higher chance of success with IVF, especially if that pregnancy was with their current partner.  

#3 – Infertility diagnosis 

Not all fertility is created equal.  Women with lower ovarian reserve will have lower success rates.  So will women with uterine issue like fibroids or severe endometriosis.  

#4 – Lifestyle
Smoking, poor nutrition, obesity, high stress levels, too much alcohol or caffeine, and high amounts of exercise can affect your success.  It’s important to find a center that is there to guide you with all of these issues.  

#5 – Your doctor 

Medicine is an art and every patient and every situation is different.  Most clinics say they individualize their care but do they really?  Find a clinic that isn’t a factorand a doctor that is truly invested in you and your partner.  It makes a difference.   


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