Foods to Avoid During Fertility Treatments

Foods to avoid during fertility treatments

If you’re going through fertility treatments, you’re probably trying to do everything you can to best prepare your body and mind in order to get pregnant fast. Whether you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight, reduce side effects, or boost your fertility, here are 4 foods you should probably AVOID when battling infertility.

  1. Sugar

Sugar seems to be everywhere! When sugar seems to be in everything, you may be asking yourself, is sugar bad for fertility? There are certain kinds of sugar that are better for your body than others. For instance, sugars from fresh fruits like apples or blueberries are not harmful unless consumed in excessive quantities, but refined sugars, such as white sugar or high fructose corn syrup, result in quick spikes in blood sugar levels. This can impact the reproductive system and your body negatively, and when you’re trying to be the healthiest you can be and prepare for a baby, putting your body through this may not be the best idea. You don’t have to completely cut it out, but reducing ten cookies down to one or two may be a better option.

  1. Alcohol

While it may be tempting to get in the good times while you can, you may want to limit alcohol while you’re trying to get pregnant. You don’t need to completely cut it out, but reducing drinking to only an occasional glass will keep your body healthier and ensure that if you do get pregnant, your baby will not be at risk for any harmful side effects like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Since there is no known “safe time” to drink during pregnancy, it is best to be careful about drinking habits while trying to get pregnant with fertility treatments.

  1. Too much Soy

For all the vegetarians out there, this one might be difficult to reduce! While soy can be a healthy protein replacement, when you’re going through fertility treatments, you probably want to eat it in moderation. Soy may have negative effects on fertility treatments due to a compound within soy products that is very similar to estrogen. Eating too much soy can cause estrogen levels to be too high, which may have an impact on infertility and on the success of fertility treatments.

  1. Low fat dairy 

Recently, studies have shown that low fat dairy can have negative effects on fertility. It may be a better idea to replace your skim milk with whole fat milk, or eat full fat yogurt instead of 2%. While eating everything in moderation is important, full fat dairy products have been linked to an increase in fertility and have been shown to have a positive impact when trying to get pregnant.

It may seem like these are a lot of foods to avoid, but there are also plenty of foods you can eat to help boost fertility! Foods that boost fertility for women and foods that boost male fertility are different, so you may want to make sure you’re following the right diet plan for your own needs! For instance, while healthy full fat products may boost fertility in women, low fat meals may boost fertility in men!

It might seem like a lot to sift through, but we at Reproductive Health and Wellness Center are here to guide you along your journey and help you build your family in the healthiest way you can! With nutritionists and wellness focused care, we want to ensure you have the best chances possible to conceive and start this new exciting chapter in your life! For nutrition counseling or any fertility questions you may have, you can always call us at (949) 516-0606. Or schedule an online consultation with our founder Dr. Rosencrantz by going here! We are committed to helping you on your fertility path, and are ready to provide you with all the answers you need!

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