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Steps to IVF

Steps to IVF

Without success for one in five couples in the U.S., infertility is real. If you and your partner have tried to conceive without success for 12 consecutive months (6 months for those women over 35),

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improve IUI Success Rates

How to improve IUI Success Rates

5 Tips to Improve Chances of Pregnancy with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Intrauterine insemination or IUI is a common fertility procedure that is used to improve the chances of getting pregnant. Many fertility patients struggling to

Low-Fat Dairy Fertility

Low-Fat Dairy Products May Be Bad for Fertility

US Study Research Finds Low-Fat Dairy Affects Reproductive Health Eating healthy and consuming the right types of food may boost your fertility. For most of us eating healthy translates to low-fat or skim products. Skim

Fertility and anxiety

How Can Stress Effect IVF Treatment

Stress May Cause Infertility    Suffering from infertility causes stress and a research study finds that stress may be causing infertility.  For thousands of years stress has been linked to infertility. After all, infertility causes depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation and all

Lesbian Parents

How Trans, Gay and Lesbians can Become Parents

Orange County Fertility Clinic Helps LGBTQ Community Have Children Reproductive Health and Wellness Center is a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community.  Our founder, Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz, has been helping members of the LGBTQ community with their fertility in Orange County for over 10 years.   

How to check for infertility

How to Check for Infertility

What to Expect in a Fertility Test The definition of infertility is not conceiving after a year of unprotected intercourse.  If you are having trouble getting pregnant, the first step is to make an appointment for a

coronavirus ivf

COVID-19 and Pregnancy

How the Coronavirus Effects Fertility and IVF Treatments Because this is a new virus, there is still so much to learn about its impact on fertility and pregnancy.  At this time, there is no data about coronavirus infection causing infertility or birth defects,

scale and woman

How do I know if I am a good weight for pregnancy?

Before discussing weight and fertility, how do you determine whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese? One of the easiest ways is to calculate your body mass index (BMI).  Your BMI is an estimate of your body fat based on height and

Fertility and relationships


After years of waiting and working to prevent a pregnancy, you have decided to start a family.  Finally, the time is right.  You have found the partner of your dreams, you are feeling secure enough with

ovulation calendar

Forcing Ovulation

What is Ovulation? Ovulation is when an egg is released from the ovary.  The process of ovulation begins each month with a menstrual cycle.  As the egg grows and matures, it makes estrogen and when the estrogen levels reach a certain point, it causes a surge of a hormone from the brain called luteinizing hormone (LH).  Once

In vitro fertilization info graph

What is an IVF Cycle

Top Orange County IVF Doctor Explains  In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF, was first introduced to the world in 1978.  Since then, millions of IVF babies have been born and its success and affordability continue to improve year after year.    IVF itself is the process of removing

Coronavirus fertility

COVID-19 Fertility Patients Update

IVF and Fertility Treatments During Coronavirus Pandemic  The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) has approved a FAQ’s document that was written by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART). Reproductive Health and Wellness Center wants all of our patients to have as many resources as

fertility medication

Fertility Treatment Pills

 What is Clomid and How does it Work   One of the most common causes of infertility is ovulation disorders.  Most women will ovulate, or release an egg, once a month but others ovulate irregularly or maybe even

What IVF does to your body

Side Effects to IVF

What Does IVF do to your Body   In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF, is when a woman’s eggs are removed from her body and mixed with sperm in the laboratory to make embryos.  These embryos grow in the laboratory for

IVF Success Medication

What are the Success Rates of IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization Success Rate Explained  In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF, is the process of removing eggs from a woman’s body, mixing them with sperm in the laboratory to make embryos, growing embryos in the laboratory, and then placing


Resources to Explain COVID-19 to Kids

Understanding Children & Teens View on Coronavirus Dealing with the coronavirus and fertility at once is more than overwhelming to say the least. Especially for those that have started fertility treatments in the midst of

endometriosis awareness month

Does Endometriosis Cause Infertility?

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, and whether you are affected by this condition yourself, or have a friend or family member who is struggling with it, we are here to answer your questions about how

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