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Steps to IVF

Steps to IVF

Without success for one in five couples in the U.S., infertility is real. If you and your partner have tried to conceive without success for 12 consecutive months (6 months for those women over 35),

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10 Celebrities that used surrogates

10 Celebrities Who Used Surrogacy to Have Children

10 Celebrities Who Turned to Surrogacy to Have Children Nate Berkus (who gave a shout out on Social Media to RHWC for support) Interior designer, TV personality, and author Nate Berkus and his husband Jeremiah

Jew fertility doctor

Fertility Doctor Talks Jewish Infertility

Dr. Marcus Rosencrantz, Fertility Specialist, writes about infertility in the Jewish Community  by Marcus Rosencrantz, MD FACOG I grew up in a Jewish household living a rather Jewish filled life. Jewish day school, Jewish summer

Meditation for IVF

7 Wellness Tips to Help Boost IVF

As you begin your journey pursuing IVF treatment, you’ll be facing new challenges and changes that can be a lot to take in. When preparing, it is important to ensure your body is well equipped

Fertility diet for male

Fertility-Boosting Food for Men

Male Fertility Nutrition New studies have shown that a diet low in fat and high in antioxidants can help maintain healthy testosterone levels and even boost sperm counts! We recently wrote about the science behind

Low fat diet fertility

Low Fat Meals May Boost Male Fertility

Recently, a new Australian pilot study was released that focused on how fat affects male fertility. Published by the University of South Australia and the Journal Nutrients, the study links a high-fat diet to negative

Female over thirty five trying to get pregnant

What Are My Chances of Getting Pregnant After 35?

Each year, there are thousands of women in their mid to late 30’s that naturally conceive and have healthy babies, starting their families and beginning an exciting new journey in their lives. If you are

ICSI vs IVF illustration

IVF vs ICSI – What is the Difference?

If you are looking into fertility treatments and In Vitro Fertilization (otherwise known as IVF), then you probably already have some knowledge about what this process is like. IVF helps patients who have trouble conceiving

IVF vs IUI what is the difference

How is IUI different from IVF

If you are having a difficult time conceiving, you might have infertility. Infertility is when there is no pregnancy after a year of unprotected intercourse. If you are less than 35 years old, a year

(PGT-A) Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy

If I do IVF, Can I Test the Embryo for Diseases?

When pursuing IVF treatments, patients are often worried about the health and well-being of their growing baby. A common question is whether the embryo can be tested for genetic diseases prior to being transferred into

Fertility diet breakfast

6 Nutrition Tips to Help Boost Fertility!

When trying to get pregnant, proper nutrition is critical to ensure a healthy pregnancy.  We have 6 nutrition tips that can help you stay on the right track and keep up the good eating habits

fertility preservation q&a

Let’s Learn More About Egg Freezing

If you are thinking about having a baby one day, but are not sure if or when then egg freezing may be the perfect solution for you! Egg freezing is becoming a common way to

Why Women Athletes are Freezing their eggs

Why Women Athletes are Freezing Their Eggs?

UFC Champion Freezes Eggs to Preserve Fertility The modern woman has more opportunities than ever before to pursue her dreams and live her life exactly how she wants to live it. Women in the 21st

5 Signs you might be infertile

5 Signs You Might be Infertile

These days, many people spend so much time trying not to get pregnant, that when the time comes to start building our families, it can be surprising when it doesn’t happen as easily or quickly

Infertility center

3 Common Causes of Miscarriages

When trying to get pregnant, miscarriages can be a scary risk that often feels out of a prospective parent’s control. Although sometimes it can be completely random, there are three common causes that can explain

3 ways avocados may boost fertility

3 Ways Avocados May Boost Fertility!

Trying to get pregnant? Avocados may help increase fertility and your chances of a healthier pregnancy! Fertility and nutrition are a key component when planning to have a baby.  It is pretty clear that extremes

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