How Much Does Sperm Donation Cost?

How much does Sperm Donation Cost?

Cost of Sperm Bank Donations For Infertility Treatments 

Many times with the right male fertility care a couple who was previously diagnosed as infertile is able to conceive successfully. But, as those who struggle with infertility know, sometimes even the best fertility treatment isn’t the perfect fit. 

For those facing male infertility, such as retrograde ejaculation or teratozoospermia, using a sperm donation may be the next step in their fertility journey. 

While sperm bank donations are often seen as the easiest infertility treatment available, the costs can be surprising. 

Sperm Banks and fertility centers are all able to set their own prices. This often leads to a range of costs and price differences that vary from state to state. 

These costs will also change depending on the type of donor sperm you would like to use. 

Different Types of Sperm Donations

Anonymous Sperm Donors 

Anonymous sperm donors will provide their medical and educational history, ethnic background, height, weight, and eye color. 

These donors choose to keep their personal details private when donating sperm

This means the donor has not agreed to have any contact with a child conceived using their sperm. The donor also cannot reach out to contact the parents or any children born using their donation. 

However, some sperm banks do allow anonymous contact once the child turns 18 if they wish to know who their sperm donor is. This can be done through the child contacting the sperm bank and having them reach out to the donor on their behalf. 

Each sperm bank sets up different terms regarding anonymous donors and contact procedures. It is important to check with the individual bank to ensure you understand their anonymous sperm donor policies. 

Open Sperm Donors 

Open sperm donors provide the same information as anonymous donors, but allow a child to have the option to contact them in the future. 

Once a child turns 18, they can reach out to the sperm bank and ask to contact the sperm donor. Open donors usually agree to have a minimum of one communication with the child. Communication can continue depending on the child’s and donor’s comfort level. 

Like with anonymous donors, only the child can initiate this contact through the sperm bank. 

ID Disclosed Sperm Donors 

ID disclosed sperm donors agree to let a sperm bank release their identifying information to children conceived using their donation once they turn 18. 

This information often includes their full name, any addresses or phone numbers, and an email if provided. 

Some sperm banks will deny this identifying information if a child does not sign a waiver. This waiver usually states that they will not share this information publicly or with other children born using the same donor. 

Known Sperm Donors

Known donors can be anyone unrelated to the person who will be providing the egg in a pregnancy. Like known surrogates this can be a friend or family member that a couple chooses themselves. 

Using a known sperm donor can be beneficial if a couple wishes for their child to have a relationship with the sperm donor before they turn 18. Although known donors can get expensive as many physical and mental health screenings must be arranged before donation can occur. 

Legal documents must also be drawn up and signed, which often cause costs to climb higher. 

Costs of Donor Sperm

Sperm Bank Prices

Every sperm bank is different and will have a range of costs that may be affected by many factors. The state they’re based in, their clientele, and the cryo sperm bank facilities they use to store their samples can all impact costs. Sperm banks usually have very high sperm donor requirements, which can also influence fluctuating price tags.

Generally, a vial of sperm costs between $700 to $1000. Sometimes deals of two vials can be purchased as a package. Each vial may cost between $450 to $700 (about $1100-$1400 total)

ID disclosed donor sperm can be more expensive, with prices sometimes climbing into the $1300 range per vial. 

These vials are usually organized by procedure and separated for IUI, IVF, and ICSI

One of the major benefits of sperm bank donations can be the security and peace of mind they provide. Sperm banks ensure all legal documents are solidified and filed, and all health and psychological screenings are completed.

With the necessary preliminary steps out of the way, parents can focus their attention on their fertility treatment and preparing for the arrival of their future baby. 

Known Donor Prices 

The preliminary procedures are what often deters parents from using a known donor. While it may be tempting to pass up these pre-donation checks, working with your fertility specialist doctor to ensure these steps are taken is vital, and shouldn’t be overlooked when using a known donor. 

Preparing to use a known donor includes arranging physical health screenings, checking sperm count and health, and in depth psychological evaluations. 

The most crucial step in the process is hiring a lawyer to arrange legal documentation signing over any parental rights a donor could potentially claim. 

This legal documentation should never be skipped, as it protects both the parents and the child conceived using a donor’s sperm from any unforeseen disputes over parental rights. 

Each of these steps can be pricey, with medical and legal costs varying wildly depending on the state and county you live in. 

There are also legal differences regarding a sperm donor’s rights that change from state to state. Consulting with a lawyer to fully prepare and understand your state’s laws before you use a known donor is highly recommended. 

Cheapest Sperm Donation Options 

Due to the many different verifications that must be arranged before using a known sperm donor, sometimes donations from a certified sperm bank can be a cheaper route to go if trying to cut down on initial costs.

However, because it may take several cycles to get pregnant with donor sperm, costs can increase into the high thousands if the first few infertility treatments are unsuccessful. 

Usually insurance does not cover infertility treatment or male fertility tests until a couple has demonstrated that they have been trying to conceive for six months. 

While some insurance providers have begun to waive this requirement for lesbian and transgender fertility treatments, many still require a couple to pass this six month mark.

At nearly $1000 per vial over 6 months, this puts initial sperm donation costs at $6000 alone, not including the price of IVF or IUI procedures. 

In cases like this known donors can sometimes be cheaper, as the initial upfront cost may outweigh the cost of multiple infertility treatment cycles. 

There is no cut and dry answer for every male infertility case. Each couple’s journey is unique. The best solutions to the challenges they face can often only be determined by working with a fertility specialist doctor.

Thankfully, Reproductive Health and Wellness Center works only with top sperm donation centers so you can find the best care available. 

We also provide fertility treatment insurance advisors to help you find the right coverage and payment plans to fit your fertility journey. 

We can even help you learn how to be a sperm donor. If you would like to know how to donate sperm, or if you are interested in finding a top sperm donor bank, contact us today to speak with our dedicated fertility specialists. 


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